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Ginger Chi Shine Serum + Jade Comb

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Written By: Lena Yumi - Revised Oct 30, 2020

As you probably know by now if you’ve followed me online or read about my background you’d know that I have an affinity and infinite passion for East Asian Culture. It’s very important to me as I was raised in an Okinawan/ Ryukyuan household. In ancient times the Ryukyuan and Chinese Kingdoms had a rich history of trading and a long lasting harmonious relationship with each other. Therefore, I value and respect Chinese Medicine and culture tremendously for the impactful technology and medicinal discoveries that they introduced to the Ryukyuan Island chain and the world.

This Article Includes 4 topics - please feel free to skip forward for your reading preferences.

1 Jade Hair Comb

2 Shine Serum (Ingredient List Analysis)

3 Scalp Massage + Meridian Points

4 About the Founder - Anna Lam

* Narative by Author, Lena

I stumbled upon Ginger Chi on a late night search on the inter-webs which often looks like Alice falling down the rabbit hole - swimming in deep pools of virtual information during late hours of the night. Now with that being said - I was specifically looking for hair growth tools that would increase blood flow to the scalp to aid hair growth.

Jade Hair Comb (1) - Inspired by her mother, founder Anna Lam fondly remembered her mother using as a child. Anna thought adding various Jade tools would be the

perfect compliment to her beauty line based on Chi. Unable to find the quality tools she had known, she travelled to the source in the province of Liaoning, China where Xiuyan Jade is mined. On her voyage Anna found artisans and worked with them to refine and improve the tools for its sturdiness.

Experience: I really enjoyed this tool and it made a great addition to my tool collection. It's just such a rare find. I love looking at it next to my jade Gua sha and rolling tools. Using it is such a great experience for me and so relaxing. I tend to read a lot at nights for research/work so I really need to turn off my mind to get ready for a good nights rest. This tool paired with the oil is such a treat for wash days as I only wash my hair 2 times a week. I use it on different pressure points on my scalp (read more about different massage techniques down below). I try to use it as much as possible on my scalp without the oil on other nights because increasing blood circulation on the head will also aid in anti-aging.

(*) I want to note the importance of giving credit where it’s due. In America we tend to use the “cultural melting pot” term which is very offensive to those who value the importance of distinguished diversity. Indigenous peoples risked their lives to harvest and forage for different resources they found in different regions of the world that have inspired countless high quality products in the beauty industry. I think education and respect for other cultural bodies is a very important topic that should be addressed more often. I see this most significantly in the conscious and mindful beauty niche which can sometimes be very offensive to different ethic minorities in America especially because the mindful lifestyle originated in East Asia to begin with.

Penetrating Shine Serum (2) - This serum is rich in minerals and essential oils. It contains the perfect amount of fresh ginger oil that fortifies the scalp and penetrates the hair shaft with Chi. It will help to stop the hair from falling off and breaking (great for traction alopecia around the edges of the hairline). If you’re familiar with pure essential oils you would understand that these powerful and concentrated substances should be used with caution as they can be harmful if used without the guidance of an experienced professional. Luckily for you this serum was formulated by a highly respected team composed of Acupuncturist Dr. Ming Liu, Aromatherapist Christina Dille and renowned formulator Mike Harmon.

This hair oil can be used for an intensive hair treatment, conditioner, serum that coats the ends and tips of hair. When used on the scalp it can be a very useful remedy that rids dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help keep the skin healthy and clean. If used on the ends you will find that it makes hair more manageable, softer and shinier.

Product Ingredient/Safety Analysis

Camellia Sinensis Seed Oil - Camellia Seed Oil ✅

Limnanthes Alba - Meadowfoam Seed Oil ✅

Adansonia Digitata - Baobab Seed Oil ✅

Crambe Abyssinica - Crambe Seed Oil ✅

Caprylic/capric triglyceride - Fractionated Coconut Oil ✅

Simmondsia Chinensis - Jojoba Seed Oil ✅

Tocopherol - Vitamin E ✅

Lavandula Angustifolia - Lavender Flower Oil ✅

- Human case studies and in vitro testing shows that lavender oil is estrogenic - safe in controlled doses.

Cedrus Atlantica - Atlas Cedar Oil ✅

Zingiber Officinale - Fresh Ginger Root Extract ✅

Rosmarinus Officinalis - Rosemary Oil ✅

Mentha Piperita - Peppermint Oil ✅

- Known human any toxicant or allergen - safe in controlled doses

Hair + Scalp Wellness Score 12/12

Do you have doubts and concerns about the effectiveness and toxicity of a hair product you're currently using or interested in purchasing?

I provide professional product analysis and assessment services to determine the safety and effectiveness for a fee of $25 via Paypal or Venmo. Please Email me at and/or fill out this form.

Directions for Usage:

Dispense a few drops of serum and massage into the scalp. Using the Jade Comb, use gentle circular motions follow the instructions provided (See Section 3 below for more information on scalp massage and the meridian points). Do not apply strong pressure, as skin on scalp is sensitive. Do not use on broken skin or if you have any scalp conditions. Leave on for at least an hour or overnight. Wash out and style as usual. It is important that you make sure to wash it out as its powerful properties can be harmful if used in the wrong way.

Use as needed for scalp and hair concern. Contact me in the comments below with any questions about specific concerns.

My Experience: The scent of a pure essential oil blend is unparalleled to any other hair serum you'll ever use. The aroma of Rosemary & Lavender are the most dominant to me in the blend (please read the Product Ingredient/Safety Analysis above. I'm a huge sucker for the scent of pure oils and can tell from one sniff if its really natural or not (weird I know. It's very hard to find hair oils that are truly pure. I really appreciate the blend and the love/care placed behind all of Ginger Chi products. I use it for a scalp treatment once a week as my hair is healthy and hair loss isn't my biggest concern. A good scalp massage is so relaxing and maintains optimal blood circulation to my head which insures a happy scalp and head of hair... I make sure to use the oil sparingly on wet or damp hair to make sure the oil penetrates the inner layers (cuticle, cortex and medulla) of my hair strands and leave it on for 30 minutes while I take a warm bath or shave, etc. I always start at the scalp and work my way through the ends but you can do it in whatever order you like. Since my hair is very thick and texture/density I apply in sections on different quadrants of my hair on my scalp. Along with that I've found that doing oil treatments really regulates the oil production on my scalp which means I don't have to wash my hair as often. I think of doing oil weekly treatments as insurance to prevent hair loss as I age. I have also read quite a bit of information about the effects of massage and using certain oils on the scalp to slow the speed of graying hair (I'll be doing more research about the studies and validity of these claims in the future, stay tuned). I use it the ends of my hair during my treatment not just my scalp. On the days following I use a tiny bit on the ends of my dry hair to add extra shine and protection (make sure to warm the oil on your hands before applying). It's important to use it sparingly and work it in with my hands. After that I gently brush my hair with a wooden brush to absorb/distribute extra oils.

(*) Lena's Expert Advice: I recommend doing a patch test on a small dime sized section of skin behind the ear a day or two before usage to make sure it agrees with your body's biochemistry. We're all different therefore one thing that works on one individual or a group of test subjects won't necessarily work on you. Although there have been many tests conducted throughout the years and scientifically based evidence is my most trusted source of information. I still encourage you to take precautions especially because you're probably reading this article due to scalp concerns to begin with. Your health and safely should always come first and the last thing that you'd want to happen is a negative reaction.

(*) Just because essential oils are natural doesn't mean that they don't have potential risks or hazards. Side effects can be defined by a series of events that are initiated by exposure and its progression through distribution and metabolism. Ultimately its interactions with different macromolecules i.e., proteins can result in outcomes expressed in various toxicity endpoints. However when used correctly essential oils are extremely safe and carry fewer risks than modern medicines.