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Haircare Basics : Finding Your Hair Type

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

First thing's first, realize that you can buy all the latest and greatest haircare lines but if you don't understand the fundamentals of haircare and address the issues that you are most concerned about you'll end up wasting a lot of time and money.

This blog category on my website is to be used as a resource for all hair types.

Determining your hair thickness by the diameter or width of a single strand of hair.

The best way to determine this is by comparing a single strand of hair to a sewing thread.

If your hair is thinner than the thread you have fine hair. If it's noticeably thicker, then you have thick hair. If it is about the same width and more an "in-between" length, then you have a medium, moderate hair type.

Hair diameter is important because it serves as your basis when searching for hair care products. For example, if you have thin hair, the natural oils are more likely to easily spread throughout your hair, making it greasy fairly quickly. On the other hand, a coarser hair type is more frizz-prone and less likely to retain natural oils meaning it needs more hydrating products.

Now that you have established your hair diameter, it is time to get a more in-depth look into hair types. According to Andre Talks Hair!, Andre Walker divides hair into these hair types categories: type 1- straight hair, type 2- wavy hair, type 3- curly hair and type 4- kinky hair. Each of these categories also have sub-categories that divide them into different segments depending on texture and curl pattern. Additionally, I have read that there is a 5th hair type which is more tightly coiled but has no defined curls even with product.

Type 1 

1A is considered completely flat hair that is thin and soft. It will not hold a curl and is shiny. 

1B is not completely flat and has a little bit of body. Unlike 1A, 1B hair will hold a curl and has a slight bend at ends of the hair.

1C is the most coarse of all straight hair types and is more resistant to hold a curl, typically holding a style all day long. 

Type 2

Type 2 hair is classified as wavy hair w