Product Standards, Rules and Ethics

The freedom that I have to create and express myself is my absolute favorite thing about working in beauty. A beauty professional's job is based on the creative part - the services she/he will provide and the other part is product knowledge. After working in the industry for over a decade using the same old products everyone else did it became too mundane and uninteresting for me. I needed more and I knew I could do better. I wanted to use products that made me feel inspired and more connected to my purpose of helping people. I also wanted to support other creative small businesses in beauty. Along with that I was aware that many of the brands we as consumers purchase are the cause of mass pollution and health problems caused by dishonest practices. I decided that my clients and I deserved better so I did the work to find products that aligned with my personal values that I stand by in all areas of my life.

Below you’ll find a little more information about what I do here at Lena Yumi Beauty. ↓

**Everything I use goes through an extensive research process from the very moment the idea forms in my head.

1. The realization that I need a product to begin with and the idea of perfection/product integrity to every last detail being my goal.

2. Beginning stages of Research - spending days and weeks finding a product that meets my Rule List composed of a total of 8 requirements based on the product by being picky as hell. This includes extensive research on every individual product ingredient to consider chemical composure, purity and potency of the product based on variables that target the selected outcome.

Rule List

(1) Green (sustainable where possible without compromising performance)

(2) Non toxic for you and the planet

(3) Vegan

(4) Cruelty free

(3) Ethically sourced ingredients all the way to the production methods

(4) Made by indie brands to distribute wealth to new becoming brands with reason and causes that contribute to humanitarian initiatives that help restore the planet

(5) High end products with reasonably affordable prices

(6) Beauty that restores your body’s natural microbial balance

(7) Products made with true honesty/integrity/transparency

and above all -

(8) NO compromises because serving you in the best way possible is my reason and responsibility.

3. Communication with the brand by various methods Direct Messages on social media and emails etc. to confirm that the company/product is what it states it is based on my Rule List. You would be shocked by the defensive responses I receive from certain brands. There’s also social media managers/assistants that represent particular brands that drop a conversation after talking for days sometimes when I ask them questions about their ingredients etc. If I receive these types of poorly conducted customer service skills... I usually won’t go forward with testing the brand based on their dishonest and misleading behavior which is completely unethical/unacceptable to me.

4. Purchased/ Paid Collaborations when possible/ sometimes sponsored (gifted by a business contact I’ve had with a long term friendship with over the years), and testing - depending on the product. The process can vary from 2 weeks at a minimum to 2 months and sometimes even longer given that I try it a second time.

5. Introduction to trusted clients at my salon to collect honest feedback by using selected products based on their specific needs. This way I can really see how efficient, effective and valuable the product would truly be in the market based on multiple variables.

6. Not giving into trends because they are usually just products that are introduced by thousands if not millions of dollars by the top marketing schemes/agencies in the world. I never trust anything until proven based on the evidence.

7. Product Photography - using various techniques and props, technology, photoshop/ photo editing apps if needed to prepare and present it in the most tasteful way possible.

8. Follow up research to check the validity of data and prepare for captions in social media posts and a well written blog post - sometimes taking days to edit drafts and arrange it in the best way that I can.

9. Updates to the frontend of so everything is presented in a user friendly way.

10. Delivery, setting aside a few hours to select the right hashtags and JSON - LD coding/online marketing such as google ads etc for my websites to achieve maximum reach and exposure.

11. Setting aside time to respond to comments, DM’s, emails regarding the post about the product with recommendations and discussions based on the individual friend/client/follower.

12. Analytics based on traffic and demographics on multiple platforms and analyzing/accessing the data. **I own multiple websites and social media accounts for a couple businesses so cross referencing and combining all the data is VERY important to me.

I want to also state for reference that I NEVER accept any paid collaborations on products or sponsored/gifted items if they don’t meet my requirements. I’ve had to turn down MANY inquiries over the years and I don’t regret it. All products must meet my ethos/efficacy requirements and pass my testing processes no matter how long it takes. I don’t believe in providing false or misleading information to ANY ONE. This kind of practice is COMPLETELY unacceptable and namely UNETHICAL. I would never state that I’m an ethical beauty professional if I can’t deliver truthful reviews or information. In the legal world that could also make me liable for many reasons not to mention that I base my businesses off of these same standards. Therefore, I don’t accept nonsense no matter how much product and compensation that I’m offered because I have a profession that I collect honest income from to begin with.

I want to note that I do this all on top of having multiple Jobs, working as a holistic hair stylist in salon and traveling to different cities when needed ( Life Goal to travel internationally upon request/demand), product/green beauty coaching, safe ingredient assessment - providing lists and data based on an individual product based on client concerns for various scalp conditions and education courses/events.

I’m proud to say that I’ve come to a place where I’ve fully detoxed for 3 years - mind, body and soul. I’ve found a product for almost every need, but I’ll never stop searching for the best Green + Ethical products in the market. You deserve the best and I know I do too. I won’t make any exceptions because people, the planet and animals are all important to me.

Lastly not least: I DO NOT consider myself as an influencer because marketing based on manipulation and deceit is not my cup of tea. I’m not stating that everyone in the industry is but I will NEVER agree to any amount of money that doesn’t align with my values as a human being.

Disclaimer: All the products I recommend and sell are based on my own opinions based on results on myself and clients…..what I do and think may not be for everyone but there are enough people in the world for every market.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love everyday. It’s one of the biggest reasons I wake up every single day knowing that I have a purpose in life to serve you (my Ikigai). I’m so incredibly grateful for your trust in me and I’ll always strive to do the best I can to help you. If you have ANY questions never hesitate to ask me. The best way to reach me with questions is at and if you would like to schedule an appointment please fill out the form and I’d be happy to accommodate you with an appointment of your choice when available.

Much Love and Appreciation,

Lena Yumi

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