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Finding the right skincare products

has changed my life in several ways. I struggled with cystic acne that stemmed from hormonal imbalances due to many factors - stress being one of the most significant. In the past I put my skincare and health in the hands of medical care professionals in the some of the leading medical/dermatology institutions in the US. Unfortunately the methods they used involving the use of modern medicine failed to cure or prevent any of the skincare concerns that were the cause of a lot of anxiety and insecurities I faced in my daily life.

Flash forward to today - I hardly have any break outs. A lot of the scars have healed without any cosmetic procedures and my pores have reduced in size tremendously. No more cystic acne and now my sebum production is regulated meaning less oil on my skin. I no longer use any sulfates or harmful chemicals in any of my products. I oil cleanse daily, moisturize and protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. All of this experience I've gained over the years took a lot of research, years of failed attempts, empty bank accounts and a lot of let downs. Even in all the frustration and sometimes tears I never gave up on me...I knew it would be worth it and I was determined to find answers ... so I did. I found all the answers I'd ever need because I believed in myself and thats why I want to share the knowledge I sought for myself with you. I hope you can find some helpful tips and product recommendations through my research and recommendations.


I never thought that I'd be okay not wearing make up to drive to my P.O. box to pick up simply take a stroll down the street or take my dog to the park. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I see myself and I love the reflection I see with or without makeup. If you're struggling with your skin .... please don't give up. I promise you are worth it in every way that you could ever imagine.

With Love,

 xx Lena


Don't want to know a life with out this cleansing oil by Lovinah Skincare. Hands down a game changer. It does amazing things to my skin. I haven't had one single break out from this beautiful miracle in a bottle.


Dragon Blood Oil

Mica Organics - artisan made Botanical Skincare made by herbalist Julie Mica.

Zero Waste Skincare by Dewmighty 💦

Full Moon Serum - Graydon Skincare

All the Products you'll find in this and all sections on Lena Yumi beauty are all my most loved and favorited top picks of the current period in my life. All items shown are individually picked in the green beauty niche in the heavily saturated industry and is backed by science and technology. Each skincare product is artisan made, nontoxic, safe for skin, ethically produced, cruelty free/vegan, small owned - indie beauty, transparently represented by brand, most often minority owned and for a greater cause. These are all products I've used for months and spent hours researching about while also getting to know the founders of each brand.

Updated: Nov. 2nd, 2020

A personal note from founder, Green beauty expert + writer Lena. 

Circe - Lash + Eyebrow Serum

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